this year's recipient of

the Radio Rehab Award





Large, noisy, digging equipment

it just doesn't get any better than that..

Trenching, laying pipe, installing

storm grate and repairing radials (left)

as well as removal (below) of the

"temporary" drainage system..

Job well done, Mr. Octopus!

Then the silt really hit the fan when a dead data base (right) threatened to cut off the flow of country music to dozens of tractor radios, calling once again upon the boys who play behind the "authorized personnel only" sign (left) to spring into action, saving Buck Owens fans from having to find their own entertainment which then led to this, the longest sentence ever published on the web.

Meanwhile, out back, the the CC Mans/Ash roof repair crew is also busy


We're takin' on water mates .. man the bilge pumps

Sample section of rotten roof (above),

Jim with his new gloves holding a

"patent pending" roof repair panel (below)

and (right) the roof after being lifted

with our exclusive 4 x 4 jacking system

to its original profile

During disassembly, we actually used a chain saw

now how cool is that..




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