"Breaking News"





Balloons and Streamers, Oh Boy




Grandma and Uncle Evan

Freshman Year Ohio Wesleyan University


COLLEGE MOVE-IN DAY (Never will the dorm room be this clean again)



two guys (left) up in the balcony

describing on the radio a campaign rally

featuring John Glenn and Bill Clinton (above)


New Puppy




  Dudley leads doggy parade

   with help from the Ohio

   State University Marching

   Band Drum Major .. very cool !


...Converting a front yard eyesore

into a very nice pile of firewood...

using  a cherry-picker and a chain saw !





Dress-up Day    

"nice hat"      

  Click HERE to witness

the Tension and the Drama of

"The Big Drill"




  New Toy

      Porsche !



I caught the guy who did it (above)

... and the phone (left) seems to be dead !


  Some confused Geese

     using the neighbor's roof as a goose-perch

  The duo soon noisily moved on

     leaving the roof gooseless

          (not sure what they were lookin' at)


Man Buys Pick-up Truck

Initial test run to Airport in a snow storm


Test run a success !

  "This is my second pickup truck," the proud owner exclaimed.  I highly recommend them.  My first one was a "stick" (4 on the floor with overdrive).  I miss that and still reach for the clutch every time I come to a stop sign, but this one has a CD player!  


Controversy Surrounds New Kitchen Clock

Does it fit the decor ?


Second hand is a "bee" visiting each flower

  The best part of the clock is that we didn't realize until we got it home that the little numbered flowers extend out on tiny telescoping arms.  How cool is that ?  
  Tipsy Motorist Leaves Tilted Mailbox !

It was a dark and stormy night.  An "off-road rampage" left tire tracks leading off the edge of the rain slick road into the yard.  A muddy track left by the hit-skip motorist's right front tire ends in the lower right hand corner of the "Breaking News" photo below.


Mailbox Left Askew by Hit-Skip Motorist

Neighbor's Mailbox "Wiped Out"


Motorist Vanishes without-a-trace !


  The neighbor's Mailbox required complete replacement.  A mailbox straightening crew deemed necessary to restore verticality to post left leaning to the left.  








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